Recovering a Lost Document

  • Browse to the PedCath network folder using Windows Explorer/My Computer.
    (How to determine the network path)
  • Next open the folder called "document", and within that open the folder named "report".
    The path should look something like .../PC7_NET/document/report/
  • The filenames are numbered sequentially so if your document was saved recently, it will be one of the later files. You may want to do a details view (View > Details) to show the modified dates of the files in order to look at files during the time frame when your file was saved.
  • When you've found the file you're looking for, copy it to another folder such as the desktop.
  • Import the file into PedCath:
    Go to the "Edit Cath Report" screen for the patient where the document was lost. Open the document manager ("Report Components" > "Document Manager") and click the "Import Document" button. Locate your document to open it. The document will need to be saved and given a title.